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Software Solutions

We have a host of solutions to help you achieve your end goal. Whether it's a website, dashboard, or anything in between, we can deliver custom solutions that are simple to use, and pleasing on the eye. We tailor to your needs, so you don't need to purchase the whole puzzle, just the pieces that complete your project.

We Work FAST

Up In a Week

With most of our re-designs or site updates, we can get you up and going in a few days. If it's just a single page, expect it done in less than 2 days!

Quality & Speed

We work quick, but test often. We won't push anything live until you're fully satisfied with every element of your site or application.

What We Build

Our developers are passionate and flexible. We can help you meet your end goal with multiple of our solutions, or just one! We understand every project is unique and our drive to make yours, yours, is what we strive for.


If you just need an makeover for an existing site, or a completely new one altogether, we can make any type of site you would need. We work with Wordpress and most CMS' as well!


Do you need a custom solution for your employees that could be developed as an app? Or just have an idea that you want to see constructed. Our team has experience with Android, iOS, and PWA's.


Are you looking to gain more insight to your customers habits? We can install the latest in analytics software on a new or existing site. You will have the power to see what your customers are really looking for when they visit your site.


We can help you attract more customers! With custom targeted ads, we partner with the best in online marketing solutions, with our integration your visitor amount will soar.

Website Integrations

O365 Integration

We can help you integrate your office products with your new site or if you want to update an existing one!

Google Analytics

If you don't have Google Analytics on your site, why not! We can get it going quick and easy.

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We're always available to discuss a solution & set up a time to meet. Give us a call or email us at hello@kingworks3.com.

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